Rachel Wall

Say it with an Engraving: Personalising Jewellery for Valentines Day

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and the eternal question looms in the air – what do you get your significant other? Well, as we have explored in previous blog posts, personalised gifts are a big business. More and more consumers are demanding gifts that are unique and personal to their recipients. One particular sector which has seen a huge rise in demand for personalisation is jewellery. If you're not offering personalisation as a part of your jewellery product offering, then it's at times such as Christmas and Valentine's Day where you are potentially missing out on some serious revenue! Don't believe us? Let's do the maths.


Let's crunch some numbers.

In 2015, a YouGov survey commissioned by PhotoBox Group estimated that UK shoppers were on course to spend £1bn per annum on personalised gifts. The survey suggested that more than 27 million UK consumers had purchased a personalised gift of some description in the past 12 months. Research by Deloitte into the customisation and personalisation sector, also carried out in 2015, found that more than 50% of consumers were interested in buying personalised products or services, with one in five consumers who expressed an interest in purchasing personalised products saying they would be prepared to pay a 20% price premium.

So, we know that there is a vast demand for personalised gifts, and we know consumers are willing to pay more for them. But, where do laser engravers fit in? 

Personalising with a Laser Engraving Machine

The art of making jewellery is a craft that is as old as time. Although the manufacturing techniques and styles have changed and evolved throughout the different eras, the appeal of jewellery has remained the same. The visual quality is borne of the 
rare and precious materials used in making each jewellery piece, as well as from the skill and expertise of the craftsmen behind them.

The traditional method of adding hallmarks and engravings to a piece of jewellery involved ‘striking’ them with punches. This made a permanent indentation on the jewellery, but the tremendous force needed to strike this indentation can also cause deformation or damage to the piece of jewellery being marked. 

Laser engraving jewellery has the chief advantage of non-contact, with no tools physically being applied to the jewellery. Thus, the risk of damage to the products being marked is mitigated. In addition to this, laser technology is much faster compared to traditional etching methods done by hand. Engraving a line of text using a jewellery laser engraving machine will take only a few seconds to complete the task. Most jewellery makers take at least a few hours to engrave by hand, with some of them even needing a few days to finish a single engraving. With a jewellery laser engraver such as the N-Lase Desktop, jewellery makers can have a faster turnaround time for their personalised products.

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