Etching copper with N-Lase Desktop, Desktop Pro, Benchtop, Workstation

Laser Etching Copper 

Copper is one of the few metals that is directly usable in its natural form, or without being combined into alloys. It is characterised by having a very high thermal and electrical conductivity, making it a valuable material in electrical wiring, printed circuit boards, thermocouples, heat exchangers, electromagnets, and electric motors. Copper is a naturally soft and malleable metal which can be fashioned into pipes and pipe fittings, or as architectural elements. The green patina that the metal develops after a long period of atmospheric exposure is a particularly coveted finish by architects and designers due to its visual appeal.

Moreover, the metal has excellent workability and lends itself well to processes such as brazing, welding, and soldering. Where increased hardness is desired, copper has been blended with other metals to form alloys such as brass, bronze, and sterling silver, all of which are commonly used to create jewellery.

N-Lase Uses with copper

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