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Bespoke laser engraving


The N Lase Desktop laser engraver features a 3-side door to give you wider access, allowing you to mark larger parts and components with ease. With its U-shaped opening, marking over-sized items like stainless-steel tubes and exhaust pipes is simple: just place the part in within the machine and begin.

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Bespoke solutions

World class lasers designed for you

While the standard N-Lase range should cover most situations, we understand you know your business better than anyone and want to ensure you have the right laser for the job. Let our lasers innovate your industrial process of challenge.

Premium Components

customised without compromise

All our product boast premium, high quality parts. Your custom solution will be your ideas combined with our uncompromising quality and then supported by our high class customer service.

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Thoughtfully designed


Hand built


We only use premium parts and components for our machines, ensuring that each of our customers can benefit from long-term, reliable performance within industrial environments. With MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure) beyond 100,000 hours and a nationwide support network, you know you are in safe hands.


100,000+ hours



Best of British


The Highest Quality


Our heritage is key, and since 1962, we have taken pride in our quality. Using only premium parts for our machines to ensure our customers can benefit from reliable, long term performance of our lasers. The same pride and quality is embodied into any custom model, creating your vision backed with our technology. 

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Quality is a definite.

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*subject to terms and conditions of agreement of purchase and proper use in application in line with tested materials.

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