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Marking at Lightspeed


The N Lase Desktop laser engraver features a 3-side door to give you wider access, allowing you to mark larger parts and components with ease. With its U-shaped opening, marking over-sized items like stainless-steel tubes and exhaust pipes is simple: just place the part in within the machine and begin.

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Intelligent, modular design

Meeting your changing needs

Our Desktop Laser is designed with your business needs in mind, whatever they are. We understand that as your business grows, your laser engraving requirements will too. Our Desktop laser engraver is specifically designed to be adaptable from the very start, featuring an intelligent, modular design system that can change, and change fast.

Premium Components

Quality with zero compromise

You want quality and reliability when it comes to choosing a laser engraving machine. That's why we only use premium parts and components for our machines, ensuring that each of our customers can benefit from long-term, reliable performance within industrial environments. With MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure) beyond 100,000 hours and a nationwide support network, you know you are in safe hands.

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Expert craftsmanship


British quality you can always rely on


Needham laser machines are manufactured in Britain. We only use premium parts and components for our laser engraving machines, ensuring that each of our customers can benefit from long-term, reliable performance within industrial environments. With MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure) beyond 100,000 hours and a nationwide support network, you know you'll be investing in quality and durability.


100,000+ hours




Best of British


The Highest Quality


Combining over 50 years of company heritage and experience with Great British Manufacturing, we provide cutting-edge laser technologies without compromising on a competitive price and excellent service

Since 1962, we have placed great importance on supporting British industry and ensuring that the engineering and manufacturing skill sets are nurtured in our country. It is our long-term vision to source as many parts and components for our products within a 20-mile radius from our manufacturing facility in Whitchurch, Shropshire.


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Key Features

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Our desktop machine is designed with a manual door that is counterweighted, ensuring the door stays open once lifted. Its ergonomic handle is designed for maximum use-ability and is effortless to lift. Ensuring your parts can be entered into the machine with ease.



The desktop can accommodate both the 20W and 50W laser sources making it the ideal machine, with the increase from a 20W to a 50W the machine can perform more tasks and can be more suitable for making more marks on different materials. Fiber laser sources are able to mark 99% of all materials and by utilising different settings in the custom N-Lase software, a variety of marks from annealing, deep engraving and ablation can all be achieved with a fiber laser.



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By using the software supplied with the desktop, the calibration of the z axis allows for the focus height to be adjusted without having to manually do so. This means once the part is in the machine, you can use close the door and use the software to lower the z axis to mark your parts.



With a built in fan in the back of the machine, this means there is no need for cooling the source with large bulky water coolers, the fan is quiet and is suitable for all environments, the lack of any external coolers means that the desktop is truly suitable for desktop use. The fan stops the laser source from overheating during its use and allows for seamless and consistent marking.

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All of our machines are rotary ready with a plug and play rotary attachment available. The rotary allows the laser to mark around the inner or outer circumference of a cylindrical or round object, the rotatory moves the part to ensure that a consistent mark is achieved where desired.  The bed of the desktop is an equipped tooling plate, meaning that the rotary is moveable throughout the bed to accommodate parts of all sizes and can be screwed in to ensure it stays in place.




The door opens internally to the footprint of the machine, meaning that once the door is open the footprint stays the same, with 3 sided access it means that parts of all shapes and sizes can be fitted into the machine from any angle. When designed this we ensured that the door would impact the parts that could be placed inside.

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All of our standard range (excluding the integrated) are all Class 1 laser systems. This means that they can be used in any environment and the laser beam is contained within the unit, the door has a viewing window with laser safety glass so that you can see the part being marked inside the machine. Each machine comes with a Class 4 override option which turns the system into a class 4 laser. This is useful for parts that may not be able to fit on the bed of the machine with the door closed. To use the laser as a class 4 laser, safety procedures must be followed including wearing laser safety glasses.

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Wrapped in Style


We can custom wrap our machines in your branding allow you to have a machine that is completely your own. The wrapping is a very high quality and durable material, allowing your machine to look good for longer.

Quality is a definite.

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*subject to terms and conditions of agreement of purchase and proper use in application in line with tested materials.

Tech Specs

dimensions drawing of n-lase desktop

Please Note: Dimensions do not include the touchscreen arm and monitor.


System Dimensions
600mm(W) x 600mm (D) x 940mm (H)
System Weight
Standard Marking Lens
110 kg254 (160mm x 160mm)
Max part height = 160mm
Laser Type
Ytterbium Fiber
Central Wavelength
1060 - 1080nm
Nominal Output Power
Pulse Frequency Range
1 - 400 kHz, CW - 1000kHz
Maximum Pulse EnergY
0.8mJ / 1mJ Models
Pulse Duration
CW or Pulsed, 3 to 500ns
Operation Temperature
15- 40°C
Storage Temperature
-10 - 60°C
Cooling Method
Air Cooled
Supply Voltage
100 - 240 Vac
Power Consumption (20°C)
200 - 500W
Laptop/Desktop PC Required (not included)
PC Connection
Available Ports
36 Months Comprehensive
Optional Accessories
Fume extraction, rotary device, Class 4 override, through-the-lens viewing



Marking area


Desktop Laser Working Area Guide


100 60 x 60 30
160 100 x 100 60
254 160 x 160 90

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