The N-Lase Handheld

Hand Held Fiber Laser Marking



Standard Marking Area

100mm x 100mm

20w - 50w

Standard Laser Source

Focal Height

Auto Adjustment


3 - Sided


Rotary Ready


Industrial PC


Hand held Features

The Handheld option allows the delivery system to be moved to the part to be marked. The cowl around the laser beam is pressed onto the part to be marked to set the correct working distance and to provide some primary protection from the laser light.

Optional sensors can be fitted to the cowl to detect when the part is in place which can be tailored to specific parts to be marked but they do NOT provide a fail-safe method to ensure the hazardous laser radiation is fully contained. A harness will ensure stable operation.

The laser head will also be counterbalanced to enable easy location on the part and ensuring that the operator is not having to take its entire weight.

3 Year

Comprehensive Warranty

DSC_0009 - Copy

User Friendly Operation

The user-friendly software is packed full of features. With a few mouse clicks, you can easily create text. shapes, logos and a variety of barcodes. The software also supports popular file formats, such as BMP, JPEG, PLT, DXF, and AI - allowing you to import your existing artwork and start marking.

Make your Mark

Fast and Powerful

With a powerful fiber laser source, the N-Lase Integrated can easily mark metals, plastics, anodised or coated materials and a plethora of other substrates in seconds.


20w – 50w
MOPA Fiber Lasers

N-Lase Handheld

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