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Laser Engraving Gold

Laser engraving gold has become a particularly effective and popular technology used toward this end. Find out how laser engraving can add value to your business.

Gold metal needs little introduction. Valued for its rarity and visual appeal, jewellery made of gold has been used to convey affluence and elevated social status.

Nowadays, gold has become more accessible, with most consumers instead preferring their pieces to have a higher degree of personalisation and customisation. Pendants, rings, and charms are considered more valuable when laser engraved gold has a person’s name, initials, or other personal inscriptions.

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Laser Engraving Gold Jewellery

Since gold has a highly reflective surface, a pulsed fiber laser is a preferred technology to laser engrave gold. By using a laser with a higher energy density, the heat is quickly absorbed by the material. Despite the use of a high energy laser, the parameters of a pulsed fiber laser can be adjusted to work with very delicate materials such as extremely thin or hollow gold items.

Pulsed fiber lasers have become the standard technology used specifically for gold items. A fiber laser concentrates high energy in an extremely fine laser beam, allowing gold laser engraving with highly intricate and detailed designs. With a higher degree of control, a pulsed laser fiber does not damage the surrounding material, resulting in custom engraved jewellery with a clean finish.

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Laser marking technology provides total design freedom, allowing for the accurate reproduction of practically any design idea on gold jewellery – logos, small alphanumeric characters, fancy typeface, or even photo-realistic designs.

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