Laser Engraving Metal

Laser Engraving Metals 

For manufacturers of engineering parts, a good traceability system is a vital part of quality monitoring. The use of laser engraving metal ensures that these traceability marks are permanent and will remain legible for a long time – especially useful for parts that undergo a lot of friction and heat. Find out how laser engraving can add value to your business.



Laser Engraving Parts

Despite the prevalence of alternative materials, there is no doubt that metals remain the workhorse of the manufacturing industry. Metals provide a unique combination of durability, workability, heat and chemical resistance, and visual appeal that makes them the material for choice for several industrial and commercial applications.

The marking and engraving of metals parts have practically become an essential part of working with metals, whether it is for traceability purposes or as a visual enhancement. To this end, laser engraving machines for metal have become a standard tool for industries that heavily use metals such as engineering, manufacturing, and jewellery making, among others.


Lasers can provide permanent identification and traceability for parts and assets

Laser Engraving Machines

Metal laser engraver technology has become so useful that it is now being used in both big industries and small-scale applications. Industrial parts such as pipes, fittings, pump casings and motor parts often use a laser engraving machine treatment for parts numbers, tracking numbers, serial numbers and company branding.



Marking the smallest of parts

Laser Engraving Personalisations

Laser etching machines for metal is regularly used for promotional gifts, signages, and advertising materials. Typical gift items made of metal include bottle openers, lighters, pocket knives, cutlery, picture frames, key fobs, and jewellery. Laser engraving metal gives these gift items a more personalised feel. The designs that can be reproduced by a metal laser engraver are practically limitless – company logos, fancy text, QR codes, even photos can be etched on a piece of metal item.



Being an almost fully automated piece of equipment, the laser system delivers a consistent quality of results all the time. The resolution that laser marking can achieve is extremely small, allowing for the smallest shapes and text to be engraved accurately and legibly. Laser marking provides practically unlimited design opportunities. With the right materials, a metal engraving machine can even produce coloured laser markings.

Laser marking is a non-contact technology, meaning that the material being marked does not need to undergo undue stress. There is no need to fix the materials to the engraving platform, so items can be shuffled in and out quickly, saving up on precious production time. The absence of any physical force on the item due to engraving and clamping lessens the chances of rejects due to secondary damage, ultimately leading to cost savings for the company.

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