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Our fiber laser systems offer an out-of-the-box solution for engraving metal, coated metal, plastic, glass, ceramic and organic products, making the machines a cost-effective manufacturing solution.

In manufacturing, a laser engraving machine is used for hundreds of different commercial and industrial products, from smartphones and watch batteries, to frying pans and toothbrushes.

We work with clients every day to carefully assess their application requirements and help them choose the right laser; allowing you to achieve reliable, precision results every time.

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Laser Engraving

Laser engraved personalised products have become extremely popular with websites such as to offering bespoke engraved personalisations to a variety of products. Laser engraving these products is the most cost-effective and permanent solution to achieve this. Our N-Lase systems are being used around the world to laser mark products to make them unique, from golf clubs, knives or gold and silver jewellery.


Laser surface cleaning is the removal of contaminants, paint, rust and other impurities on the surface of a material. The laser physically removes a layer of the substrate using laser irradiation. 

A high powered laser pulse is used on the surface of the material to be cleaned, this laser energy when applied ablates the surface.

The area of the removed material is vaporised although some remains as particle dust and can be collected by one of our filtration systems. This process is then repeated until the desired effect and required depth has been achieved.

Laser Cleaning


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