For manufacturers of engineering parts, a good traceability system is a vital part of quality monitoring. The use of a laser marking machine for metal ensures that these traceability marks are permanent and will remain legible for a long time – especially useful for parts that undergo a lot of friction and heat. With the help of a laser etching machine, you can ensure your assets are pemanently traceable and identifiable.

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Laser Marked Car Gear




In the past decade, the automotive industry has undergone a period of growth and evolution, unlike anything it has experienced before. The battle was no longer played in terms of horsepower or acceleration. Instead, customers wanted cars that had better fuel efficiency, required less maintenance, and were smarter. There is one aspect, though, that has remained a constant area of improvement – safety. Tracking and traceability of parts is an essential aspect in the automotive manufacturing industry, and this is where the technology of automotive laser marking parts and automotive laser etching has played a critical role.




The art of making jewellery is a craft that is as old as time. Although the manufacturing techniques and styles have changed and evolved throughout the different eras, the appeal of jewellery has remained the same. The visual quality is borne of the rare and precious materials used in making each jewellery piece, as well as from the skill and expertise of the craftsmen behind them. Nowadays, it is no longer enough that jewellery items look good; they also must have a personalised flair to them. A jewellery laser engraving machine excels in precisely this department and can add serious value to your business and our products.


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In business, as with many things in life, first impression last. Aside from providing stellar services and products, businesses have to go the extra mile so that they stay on top of mind of customers. A common way to do this is by providing customised promotional items that bear the name or logo of the company. Other people have also gotten in on the action with laser engraving products for special occasions. In any of these situations, laser technology stands out as the obvious solution for creating laser engraved products, gifts and promotional items.



Couple the incredible ease and simplicity of our systems and software with the accuracy and hygienic nature of fiber lasers and you will find our systems are quite possibly the best on the market today for use with medical components.

MOPA Fibre lasers are the most effective systems for medical laser etching titanium and surgical steel. This is due to their accuracy, speed and working lifespan. In the marking process, the surface is heated very quickly to create the colour change, and as the temperature never reaches the vaporisation point, no material is removed in the process.



PCB Electronics Laser Marked



In the manufacturing of electronics, laser etching has been used to create customised process control boards or PCBs.

PCBs are the brains behind most consumer electronics, providing a compact system for the controlled connection of different electronic components. Laser etching technology allows custom PCBs to be manufactured rapidly and with pinpoint accuracy. In terms of speed, accuracy, and cost, laser etching trumps all other methods of PCB manufacturing.

Aside from executing PCB designs, a PCB laser etching machine can also be used to mark various electrical components with critical information such as barcodes, part numbers, 2D and UID codes, QR codes, serial numbers, batch numbers, logos, and business information. These marks allow manufacturers to improve traceability, identify specific electrical components during warranty claims, enforce trademark protection and more.

Laser Engraving Smartphones

Despite their advanced capabilities, most laser engraving machines are highly user-friendly. Manufacturers of these machines offer turnkey and out-of-the-box solutions that require minimal setup or technical know-how. Laser engraving any design on a smartphone or laptop is not any more complicated than printing a picture from a typical desktop printer.

The primary benefit of using laser engraving for smartphones and laptops is the level of customisation that it can provide in terms of design. Laser etched designs are remarkably accurate to the point of being able to recreate photo-realistic designs. Designs with minute details, such as barcodes and QR codes, are all within the capabilities of laser engraving.

Laser Marked Smartphone


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Laser engraving provides a fast and accurate method to produce higher quality results with consistency. Find out how laser engraving can add value to your business.

The possibilities for trophy engraving and medal engraving using lasers are practically limitless. Virtually any logo, text, or image can be etched on a variety of materials using laser engraving technology.

Laser engraving allows for designs with a high level of detail, even to the point of creating photo-realistic designs. Text on medals and awards, such as the details of the event or the achievement, can look clean and legible even if they are engraved at a tiny size.

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