Can you use a laser to boost sales in your business?

Laser engraving could be the final part of the puzzle for your business to help boost sales and grow.

Are you a business owner who got off to a great start but you've seen your sales hit a ceiling? If you're selling goods that can be personalised, but not yet offering this to your customers, you're missing out on an oppurtunity to add some serious value to your products. Laser machines, such as our N-Lase Desktop and Desktop Pro, are a perfect solution. Featured Image


There's nothing worse than sitting with your head in your hands, wondering how you can increase your sales. You've developed an amazing product range, and when you launched, business was booming. But you're a bit further down the line and for some reason, you just can't get those numbers any higher. You've peaked. You've maximised your potential. Your business just isn't destined to grow any further.

Don't be offended, but you're wrong.

We meet a lot of small businesses in the same position. Whether it's jewellery shop owners, businesses who sell gifts, sports goods specialists, cookware shops, or new businesses on Etsy, they're all looking for that extra something that will help them take their business to that next level.

What if we told you, you could do it with lasers?

Hold on, don't stop reading just yet! It might sound a bit futuristic and scientific, but you could be missing out on the potential to add some serious value to your products. Now more than ever, consumers are demanding personalisation for the items they purchase. Whether it is a gift for a loved one or a special treat for themselves, if your customers are willing to indulge in a pricier purchase for this extra detail, then it's definitely something you should introduce to your product range. 

Here's just 3 of the many business owners who could benefit from a laser machine such as our N-Lase Desktop or Desktop Pro:


Nowadays, it is no longer enough that jewellery items look good; they also must have a personalised flair to them. A jewellery laser engraving machine excels in this department. Modern pieces of technology such as the jewellery laser engraving machine have given jewellery makers the ability to make highly customised and personalised marks and engravings on various items. This is a highly in-demand aspect of modern jewellery making, as customers nowadays are obsessed with peices that are unique to them. 

Typically, personalisation will add value to the original product - our customer's have suggested an increase in value of 25% on average, though this can be case specific. Read more about how a laser engraving machine can add to your jewellery business.

'Go out on a limb, that's where the fruit is'
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In business, as with many things in life, first impressions last. Aside from providing stellar services and products, businesses have to go the extra mile so that they stay at the front of the minds of their customers. A common way to do this is by providing customised promotional items that bear the name or logo of the company. Other people have also gotten in on the action with laser engraving products for special occasions. In any case, laser technology stands out as the obvious solution for creating laser engraved promotional items that will ensure people don't forget you or your brand.


Most people use personalisation services to go to the next level of thoughtfulness and often want to give personalised gift items to their friends and loved ones. These are usually small trinkets, such as necklace charms, keychains, paperweights, and mugs, with some sort of relevant name, date or quote. All of us have browsed through websites such as Etsy or Not on the High Street and been amazed at some of the beautiful gifts on offer. One thing you will notice, is the increasing proportion of these products which can be personalised.

Cheesy as it may seem, it can’t be denied that receiving a personalised gift on your birthday or any other special occasion is beyond heart-warming. Traditionally, surfaces such as glass and wood were engraved using mechanical engraving techniques, but such methods are intensive on the material being marked, are slower and produce much more waste product. Laser engraving your gifts is quick, easy and creates a precise finish that will stand the test of time.

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