Smartphones and laptops have enabled on-the-go lifestyles. Whether they are used for communication, for work, or for entertainment, practically everyone has a laptop or mobile device nowadays. Despite a level of similarity brought about by this technological revolution, humans find a way to show off their individuality. An increasingly popular way to customises these devices is through laser etching. Nowadays, having a laser etched smartphone or a laptop engraving is a way to stand out – an increasingly rare commodity in a society where people have no choice but to fit in.

What can laser engraving technology do for laptops and mobile devices?

Owners of smartphones and laptops have always been looking for ways to make their devices stand out. A decade ago, all we had were stickers and cute mobile phone cases. The problem with these rudimentary after-market products was that you had to rely on what was available – none of them were really customised or personalised. There are also the facts that they degrade over time, and they just did not look particularly attractive.

With laser technology, a laser engraved smartphone will have precisely the design that its owner wants.  This can be as simple as a logo, or as complex as a photo. Having full control over the engraved design also means that it will be one of a kind. A lot of people may have the latest iPhone, but iPhone engraving can make your iPhone unique from every other iPhone. Having a laser engraved smartphone will also help you find it should it ever get lost.

Businesses have been using laser engraving as a means of tracking and securing company-owned electronic devices. Since laser etching machines can work with dynamic data, they can be used to mark serial numbers, tracking numbers, company logos, and contact details on various electronics. This is a system that can work for any other organisation, such as clubs or universities, to protect their electronic assets from theft or loss.

What are the benefits of using laser engraving for smartphones and laptops?

Despite their advanced capabilities, most laser engraving machines are highly user-friendly. Manufacturers of these machines offer turnkey and out-of-the-box solutions that require minimal setup or technical know-how. Laser engraving any design on a smartphone or laptop is not any more complicated than printing a picture from a typical desktop printer.

The primary benefit of using laser engraving for smartphones and laptops is the level of customisation that it can provide in terms of design. Laser etched designs are remarkably accurate to the point of being able to recreate photo-realistic designs. Designs with minute details, such as barcodes and QR codes, are all within the capabilities of laser engraving.

More than just being accurate, laser etched design just look great. The outlines are clearly defined, and the contrast of colours between the design and the original material is consistent all throughout. Being an automated process means that this level of quality can also be reproduced and repeated consistently.

Advancements in technology have made these laser engraving machines increasingly efficient and reliable. Even highly complicated designs can be finished in a matter of seconds.  Laser engraving machines have very few moving parts, meaning they generally require less maintenance and less frequent parts replacement.

Being a non-contact technology means that the object being laser engraved is not subjected to any impact or force which may cause secondary damage. The device does not even have to be mounted to the etching platform. This is a huge benefit when working with electronic devices that have fragile internal components.

Lastly, laser etching can be used across the range of materials commonly used for smartphones, tablets, laptops, and mobile phone cases. A single laser engraving device can work with acrylic, anodised aluminium, textiles, leather, plastic, wood, and metal. Changing over from one material to another may just be a matter of changing the light source or adjusting the focus – a process that takes no more than a few minutes.


Device owners are increasingly becoming interested in a laser etched smartphone, or laptop engraving, creating a demand for this type of service. More and more businesses have started offering laser etching services in response to this market demand. Application on high-end devices, such as iPad engraving and iPhone engraving, is an exceptionally strong market segment.

The chance to express themselves and to stand out is an attractive opportunity for most people. This need for self-expression, coupled with the fact that people buy new mobile devices and laptops regularly, means that there will always be a demand for laser engraved smartphones and laptops.

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