N-Ex Mini

Light Duty Extractor


The N-EX Mini is a highly compact fume extraction system built for light duty laser engraving and coding applications. Ideal for the N-Lase Desktop and lower power laser solutions.



Pre Filter

DeepPleat Duo




Advanced Carbon Filter



Extra Small

Providing great basic fume extraction and allowing you to maintain safe operator working conditions, the N-EX Mini features three stage filtration alongside a condition indicator as standard. The DeepPleat pre filter, HEPA and a chemical section enables you to remove 99.997% of particles 0.3 micron in size.
Suitable for use with the N-Lase Desktop systems, the N-EX Mini is manufactured by BOFA to extremely high standards.


Quality Standard

N-EX-Lite-Laser-Fume-Extraction (1)

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Standard Technical Details


System Weight

24 kg

Cabinet Construction

Brushed stainless steel / powder coated mild steel

Airflow / Pressure

180m³/hr / 30mbar

Electrical Data

230v 1ph 50/60Hz Full load current: 0.9 amps / 135 watts

Noise level

<61dBA (at typical operating speed)

DeepPleat DUO Surface media area

1.74m² approx (18.7 ft²)

Combined Filter Efficiency

99.997% @ 0.3 microns

Treated activated carbon

7kgs approx (15.4 lbs)





System Drawings


  1. Unit / Filter condition display
  2. On/off switch
  3. Filter compartment latch
  4. Hose inlet connection – 50mm
  5. Signal / Interface cable
  6. Power cable inlet
  7. Motor cooling inlet
  8. Exhaust outlet

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