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N-LASE Integrated CO2 Laser Engraver

N-LASE Integrated CO2

Fast. Flexible. Reliable.

Ideal for installation into assembly lines and numerous other locations, the N-Lase Integrated CO2 can be mounted pretty much anywhere.

With a range of power options, our CO2 laser engravers are perfect for a wide array of tasks. From distressing jeans or marking logos on clothing, to coding variable data or BBE dates at a bottling facility, the applications are almost endless…

Affordable and Production Ready

High-Speed Coding

Our systems offer a lower cost alternative to traditional marking technologies as there is no need for consumables and they can operate at higher speeds.

Great for marking cloth, paper, leather, wood, stone, glass and plastics (particularly clear plastics where a fiber laser would normally not see and go straight through).

10w – 70w

CO2 Laser Source

Best-in-Class Reliability

Built to Survive

N-Lase Integrated CO2 laser engravers are built to survive demanding industrial environments, ensuring that you benefit from reliable, long-lasting performance from your machine.

You can also rest assured by knowing that you are looked after by our nationwide support network of expert engineers.

50,000+ hrs

Production Proven Reliability

Best-in class quality

Made in Britain

Designed and manufactured in Britain, the N-LASE Intergated CO2 is engineered to deliver exceptional quality, even in demanding environments boasting superior beam quality and power stability.

We are proud to enrich the longstanding British tradition of manufacturing by delivering a family of all-British products of the highest quality.

<1.2 M2

Beam Quality

Systems Info

Technical Specification

System   N-Lase Integrated CO2
System Dimensions (BOX)   900mm (D) x 440mm (W) x 132mm (H) – box
System Weight   ~30 kg
Standard Marking Field   200 (150mm x 150mm)
Upgradeable Marking Field   100 (50mm x 50mm) – 500 (450mm x 450mm)
Laser Type   CO2
Wavelength   standard 10.55 – 10.63 μm/upgrade 9.24 to 9.35 μm
Nominal Output Power   10-20W
Operation Temperature   15 – 40 °C
Storage Temperature   -10 – 60 °C
Cooling Method   Air Cooled
Supply Voltage   100 – 240 Vac
Power Consumption (20°C)   200 – 1000 W
PC   Laptop/Desktop PC Required (not included)
PC Connection   USB
Available Ports   Diagnostic
Warranty   36 Month Comprehensive
Optional Accessories   Fume extraction, rotary device, through-the-lens viewing

Applications and Industries

A Touch of Quality

CO2 systems are great for an incredible range of materials and are distinctively different from Fiber.  There is good reason why these systems have gained significant popularity in many industries.

Unit Size

System Drawings

Box Dimensions

Width = 440mm

Depth = 520mm

Height = 132mm