N-LASE Integrated

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Designed for integration into production, manufacturing and assembly lines, the N-Lase Integrated offers high reliability, speed and flexibility in a small and convenient form factor. A wide range of laser power outputs and lenses allow marking on a diverse variety of substrates. This maintenance free laser solution will provide you with years of trouble-free operation.


Built in the UK

Designed and built at our manufacturing facility in Whitchurch, Shropshire; the N-Lase Integrated is quintessentially British. Each part and component is manufactured in-house or sourced from UK suppliers. We are proud to enrich the longstanding British tradition of manufacturing by delivering a family of all-British products of the highest quality.


Premium Components

Modular. Flexible.

Each production, assembly and manufacturing line is different and includes an individualistic set of requirements. As a result, we designed the N-Lase integrated in a modular fashion so you can mix and match the features that are best suited to your needs. The out-of-the-box laser system is already powerful and feature-rich. However, you can add upgradable features, such as larger lenses, on-the-fly marking, through-the-lens (TTL) vision, axis control or dedicated I/O, to take your production line marking to the next level.

Class 1

Intelligent Modular Design

High-Speed. High-Demand.

The N-Lase Integrated is designed for harsh and demanding industrial environments, ensuring that you benefit from reliable, long-lasting performance from your machine. The MOPA fiber engine provides high peak power, accelerated processing times, excellent application flexibility and a significantly lower overall energy consumption compared to other fiber laser marking machines. You can also rest assured by knowing that you are looked after by our nationwide support network of expert engineers.

MOPA Fiber Lasers

Applications and Industries

Tackle almost any application

There is a good reason why fiber laser machines have gained significant popularity within dozens of manufacturing industries over the past decade. The technology’s versatility is almost unmatched. The fiber laser machine has rapidly become the swiss army knife for numerous manufacturing and production houses, due to its ability to cut, mark and engrave a plethora of substrates.


Standard Technical Details

Wavelength 1060nm -1080nm
Power 1–100W
Beam quality M² 1.5 standard (1.2&3 options)
Peak power Up to 10kW
Energy 0.8,1.0 & 1.2mJ models
Pulse duration CW or pulsed, 3 – 500ns
Pulse frequency CW, 0 to 1000kHz
Power requirement 0.3 kVA
Cooling Air

Working Area Parameters

Lens – focal length mm Max marking area mm Working Distance mm Approximate Spot size µm
100 60 x 60 106 30
160 100 x 100 184 60
254 160 x 160 323 90
350 200 x 200 432 110
410 280 x 280 512 130