N-Lase Workstation

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Designed to meet the most demanding tasks, the N-Lase Workstation is designed to be a fully featured standalone solution able to meet all your marking needs. With an oversized marking area, 3-sided access and the option to fit almost any laser you will likely never need for more.

British Engineering

Modular Design

Like the rest of our range, the N-Lase Benchtop is a modular system which can be expanded and changed throughout it’s life without the need for complete system replacement. However, this enclosure goes further and is designed to accept the widest range of laser heads for maximum flexibility, with multi-waveform MOPA fiber technology as standard.

MOPA Fiber Lasers

Built to Last

Exceptional Reliability

We only use premium parts and components for our machines, ensuring that each of our customers can benefit from long-term, reliable performance within industrial environments. With MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure) beyond 40,000 hours and a nationwide support network, you know your in safe hands.


When Size Matters

Expansive Workspace

With a very generous workspace and open interior the N-Lase Benchtop provides plenty of space to easily mark larger components, fixtures or parts. Ergonomically designed, with operator comfort a priority, at the front stands an automatic door and touchscreen interface.

28cm x 28cm
Max Marking Field

Applications and Industries

Flexibility to Meet Almost any Task

The versatility of the fiber laser is key to the technology’s widespread popularity over the past decade. The intricate control, efficiency and speed of the fiber laser has allowed it to take centre stage within the manufacturing and production arena.


Standard Technical Details

System Dimensions800mm (L) x 1000mm (W) x 2100mm (H)
System Weight100 Kg
Standard Marking Field100mm x 100mm
Upgradable Marking Lens280mm x 280mm
Max part height650mm
Max part depth750mm
Laser TypeYtterbium Fiber
Central Wavelength1064nm
Total Waveforms2
Nominal Output Power20-100W
Pulse Frequency Range1 – 1000 kHz
Full Power Frequency20 – 1000 kHz
Maximum Pulse Energy0.8 mJ @ 25 kHz
Fixed Pulse Width40ns and 250ns
Pulse Duration100ns
Operation Temperature0 – 40 °C
Storage Temperature-10 – 60 °C
Cooling MethodAir Cooled
Supply DC Voltage (VDC)24V
Power Consumption (20°C)≤ 192W – 500W
PCIntegrated PC w/ Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse
PC ConnectionUSB
Available PortsDiagnostic
Warranty36 Month Comprehensive
Optional AccessoriesFume extraction, rotary device, foot switch, class 4 override, through the lens viewing

Working Area Parameters

Lens – focal length mmMax marking area mmWorking Distance mmApproximate Spot size µm
10060 x 6010630
160100 x 10018460
254160 x 16032390
350200 x 200432110
410280 x 280512130