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Industrial Laser Marking Machine

Designed, developed and manufactured here in the UK. Our N-Lase products define our range of Industrial ID lasers which are perfect for assisting with coding, marking and trackability requirements. Get in touch today to find out how our lasers can help bring continuous improvement to your production and manufacturing environments.

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Personalisation Lasers

Designed, developed and manufactured here in the UK. Our create. products define our range of personalisation lasers which are perfect for bringing next-level customer experience to retailers.

Personalise it. Brand it. Create it.


Our technical sales team are here to support all of your laser enquiries and questions, so please don’t hesitate to call us on 01948 660011, or complete the below enquiry form. Thank you:

Trusted By The Best

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Bringing the ease of traceability in-house with laser engraving

One of the real selling points for North Ridge Pumps was the fact that we are a UK-based company, which enables us to always be on hand should they need our aftersales support.

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Bringing easy, efficient and unique personalisation in-house on their jewellery.

ChloBo has been using our fiber laser engravers on their delicate own branded jewellery for over three years, and is still amazed by the speed and precision at which the lasers operate to achieve a high quality and personal product for their customers.

Manufacturing parts
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Helping speed-up manufacturing times with laser technology

In the fast-paced world of engineering and manufacturing, time is money, and the ability of the Desktop Pro to speed up marking times for the engineers at Wealdpark has proven a great benefit to its manufacturing output.

The Precision of Laser Engraving and Marking Machines

Laser engraving has rapidly become a pivotal tool in industries where accuracy and precision are paramount. At Needham Laser, we pride ourselves on offering state-of-the-art laser engraving machines tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients. From small-scale entrepreneurs to established businesses, our equipment is geared towards delivering impeccable results every time.

Moving beyond engraving, laser etching stands out for its ability to create distinct, long-lasting markings on a variety of materials. It's not just about engraving depth but the finesse of the etch that distinguishes one brand from another. Our advanced laser marking systems ensure every etch is uniform, consistent, and meets the highest industry standards.

From Personal Projects to Industrial Excellence

For those who work with intricate components, laser scribing is a game-changer. It's an essential tool for industries that demand precise etching on electronic components or delicate materials without compromising the substrate's integrity.

Industrial engraving demands a balance of speed, precision, and reliability. Our industrial-grade machines are designed to handle high-volume tasks without sacrificing the quality of the output. And for professionals who seek a textured, tactile finish, laser embossing provides a solution. It creates elevated designs on materials, adding a touch of sophistication to products.

MOPA fibre laser engravers stand out due to their adaptability. Their unique ability to adjust laser parameters means they can handle a variety of engraving tasks, from deep and pronounced to delicate and subtle, meeting a broad spectrum of industry requirements.

When you opt for Needham Laser, you're not just investing in machinery, you're securing a commitment to quality, efficiency, and professional excellence. Explore our range, and let our technologies columnselevate your engraving endeavours.

What We Do

We provide companies around the world cutting-edge, unique laser marking systems that are dependable, affordable, and durable. We are dedicated to developing strong relationships with our clients and have years of experience in the development and manufacturing of coding and marking solutions.

Our goal is to make it possible for businesses all over the world to integrate laser technology into their production processes for improved consistency and efficiency, while also reducing costs, raising productivity, and enhancing efficiency.

As a family-owned company that has been in operation for more than 60 years, we have a strong set of principles that we apply to our operations. We are committed to building long-term relationships with all of our business partners, from the supply chain to the final consumer. We take great pleasure in our Shropshire, UK, roots, and we're dedicated to working with partners both domestically and internationally to expand and innovate.

We manufacture laser marking systems that are used in every industry, from very precise engineering to high-street stores for personalisation. In order to meet industry needs and objectives, whether they are easy and simple or extremely complicated, our team of highly qualified engineers draws upon decades of laser marking knowledge.