Introducing N-LASE

Combining more than 50 years of company heritage with exquisite design and Great British engineering. Proud to be leading the way for laser engravers.

Key Facts

Modular Design

Unlike other machines, you can upgrade the laser engraver to suit the task without completely replacing N-Lase.

3 Year Warranty

With a very robust construction and market leading features, each system is backed by a comprehensive warranty.

Made in Britain

N-Lase is fully designed, developed and manufactured in the UK. We are swiftly adding partners to provide our systems globally.


From automotive components and aerospace parts to surgical tools and musical instruments; laser marking is regularly used for dozens of metal applications. Suitable for most metals – including stainless steel, aluminium, platinum, precious metals and more – our laser machines offer a versatile and robust solution for your marking requirements.

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Whether you want to personalise rings, bracelets, watches, belt buckles, or keychains; our laser machines can easily create highly detailed marks in a fast, automated and consistent fashion. With the versatility of the laser, you can offer each of your customers a unique and individualistic piece that they can cherish for decades to come.

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From printed circuit boards and automotive parts to food packaging to identification tags for animals; plastics are one of the most widely used materials in the modern manufacturing industry. Whether you are working with ABS, polyamide, or polycarbonate; a laser marker offers endless possibilities.

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Production Lines

From bottle coding, to foil packaging, our integrated laser marking systems are ideal for production lines, automotive manufacturing and able to fit into some of the tightest spots and deal with some of the harshest environments.

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