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Lasers for Industrial Applications

Designed, developed and manufactured by Needham Laser Tech, here in the UK.

The N-Lase is specifically designed with the Industrial ID market in mind, all Made in Britain by our expert engineers. The Needham Group has been designing, developing and innovating products for the coding and marking industry for over 6o years, and the Industrial ID sector has always been a vital sector to support with our laser engravers especially for traceability purposes. For manufacturers of engineering parts, a good traceability system is a vital part of quality monitoring.

Our lasers create durable traceability marks which are permanent and will remain legible for a long time – especially important in automotive, aerospace and medical applications. Our flagship range, is equipped for any task, no matter the size or environment. Perfect for laser marking, engraving, etching, annealing, ablating, foaming or cleaning any materials.

Lasers for Personalising, Branding and Creating.

Retail-Ready Laser Engravers - Personalise it. Brand it. Create it.

2023 sees the launch of our latest technology in the Create range. Especially designed for the commercial creatives, the Create range gives retailers the opportunity to bring next-level customer experience directly to the shop floor by allowing for personalisation right in front of the customer’s eyes. Bring the theatre of laser engraving to your store and revolutionise your personalisation offering with the Create range. Customise products with images, text and artwork. If you can think it, you can create it.

Laser engraving machines are versatile and can engrave on a variety of materials. This makes them ideal for creating customised products such as jewellery, personalised gifts, branded products and more. Laser engraving is a cost-effective way to enhance the value and quality of your products, really packing-a-punch in a crowded market.

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Industrial Laser Marking

Our laser systems offer an out-of-the-box solution for engraving metal, coated metal, plastic, glass, ceramic and organic products, making the machines a cost-effective manufacturing solution. We work with clients every day to carefully assess their application requirements and help them choose the right laser; allowing you to achieve reliable, precise results every time.

We are Needham Laser

Family. Community. Quality.

As a family-run business with foundations dating back to 1962, we pride ourselves on our heritage, partnerships, innovation and evolution in the coding and marking industry.

Retail-Ready Lasers

The development of the Create range has followed an innovative path specifically geared towards the retail sector. By listening to industry and retail experts, we've combined our findings with our in-house expertise and developed a range of retail-ready laser engravers to give commercial creatives the chance to offer next-level customer experience to their customers with our small, simple and stylish laser engravers.

Case Studies

Bringing the ease of traceability in-house with laser engraving

One of the real selling points for North Ridge Pumps was the fact that we are a UK-based company, which enables us to always be on hand should they need our aftersales support.

Bringing easy, efficient and unique personalisation in-house on their jewellery.

ChloBo has been using our fiber laser engravers on their delicate own branded jewellery for over three years, and is still amazed by the speed and precision at which the lasers operate to achieve a high quality and personal product for their customers.

Helping speed-up manufacturing times with laser technology

In the fast-paced world of engineering and manufacturing, time is money, and the ability of the Desktop Pro to speed up marking times for the engineers at Wealdpark has proven a great benefit to its manufacturing output.

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