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Battery Technology

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Battery technology has advanced significantly in recent years, and laser engraving has played a critical role in this advancement. Laser engraving is used to mark batteries with essential information such as manufacturing date, serial number, and regulatory compliance marks. This information is important for quality control and traceability purposes.

Laser engraving is used to create unique identifiers on battery components, such as electrodes and connectors, which can improve manufacturing efficiency and product performance. Furthermore, laser engraving can create microstructures on battery surfaces that can improve the battery's electrical and thermal properties, leading to better energy efficiency and a longer lifespan. Overall, laser engraving has become an essential tool in battery manufacturing, helping to enhance quality control, performance, and sustainability

The demands of the Battery Technology Industry

The battery industry has specific demands when it comes to laser marking, as battery components require a high level of precision and accuracy. Laser marking is essential for the identification, tracking, and quality control of battery components throughout the production process. As batteries become more complex, the demand for laser marking technology with advanced capabilities is increasing. For instance, laser marking machines that can handle different types of materials, including plastics, metals, and ceramics, are needed to mark various battery components.

In addition, high-speed laser marking systems are necessary to keep up with the fast-paced production lines in battery manufacturing. Laser marking technology is also required to create unique identifiers, such as QR codes, to enhance traceability and anti-counterfeiting measures. Overall, the battery industry demands laser marking technology that can deliver precise and efficient marking solutions for a variety of battery components, while also ensuring high quality and consistency.

The N-Lase Range

Meet our Industrial ID lasers

N-Lase Desktop

The N-Lase Desktop is our entry-level laser marking system for industrial identification applications, perfect for marking, etching, engraving and annealing all metals, coated metals, plastics and some organic materials.

The Desktop is the ideal solution for low to mid-volume throughput and is an affordable alternative to more traditional methods of marking, such as dot peen, electrochemical etching or hand marking. Despite being entry-level and affordable we haven’t sacrificed on quality or efficiency; our N-Lase Desktop comes with either our 20 Watt or 50 Watt MOPA fiber laser with a MTBF of 100,000 marking hours and a 3-year comprehensive warranty, as standard.

N-Lase Desktop Pro

The N-Lase Desktop Pro is the most popular laser in our N-Lase range. Designed for marking, etching, engraving and annealing almost all materials in mid to high-volume applications, the Desktop Pro is a full turnkey solution which includes an integrated All-in-One PC and an automatic door function to ensure maximum efficiency and simple operation.

The N-Lase Desktop Pro can be fitted with either our 20 Watt or 50 Watt MOPA fiber laser sources with a MTBF of 100,000 marking hours. Like all products within our N-Lase range the Desktop Pro comes with a 3-year comprehensive warranty, as standard.

N-Lase Benchtop

The N-Lase Benchtop is the ‘big cousin’ to the Desktop Pro. It has the same style and design but on a much larger scale, so maximum versatility for industries wishing to mark, etch and engrave big parts. As the name suggested, the Benchtop is designed to sit on a bench/worktop within existing manufacturing cells and processes.

Due to its larger footprint and modular design, the N-Lase Benchtop can offer a broad range of optional extras such as XY marking tables for increased throughput, large marking area lenses (up to 280mm x 280mm), big rotary attachments for circumference marking on large diameter parts and power sources from 20 watt up to 100 watt for maximum speed and depth.

With our 3-year comprehensive warranty, the N-Lase Benchtop is the ideal solution for the efficient and reliable etching of heavy-duty parts in industrial environments.

N-Lase Workstation

The N-Lase Workstation offers our biggest enclosure mounted onto a portable base to offer maximum flexibility. The Workstation can be located within an existing manufacturing process or operate as a standalone marking and traceability station. With an integrated PC and auto door function, the N-Lase Workstation is a truly turnkey solution; simply wheel into the desired location and start etching.

With such a large enclosure, the N-Lase Workstation can be fitted with a wide range of options to further increase efficiencies and offer maximum throughput. Options include XY marking tables to facilitate the loading of multiple parts, large marking area lenses (up to 280mm x 280mm), big rotary attachments for circumference marking on large diameter parts and power sources from 20 Watt up to 100 Watt for maximum speed and depth.

As with all our N-Lase range, maximum reliability and robustness is assured with our 3-year comprehensive warranty.

N-Lase Integrated

Designed for integration into production, manufacturing and assembly lines, our N-Lase Integrated models offer high reliability, speed and flexibility in a convenient form factor. A wide range of laser power outputs on our standard system allow marking on a diverse variety of substrates, whereas the Integrated Max is suitable for more powerful hungry applications and much larger laser modules. N-Lase Integrated systems are maintenance free and will provide you with years upon years of trouble-free operation

N-Lase Handheld

Laser without limits with the N-Lase Handheld. This model allows you to move the system to wherever (and whatever) needs to be marked. Ease and usability is at the forefront of the design, including a counterbalanced laser head to ensure safe movement and use. Whether it's a plaque on a wall or a plate on the floor, this model is ready for the challenge.

Improving the battery manufacturing process

The battery technology industry has seen significant growth and advancement in recent years due to increased demand for energy storage solutions, particularly in the automotive and renewable energy sectors. Lithium-ion batteries have become the dominant technology, thanks to their high energy density and longer lifespan. The industry also faces challenges, such as improving battery performance, reducing costs, and addressing environmental concerns related to battery production and disposal.

To meet these challenges, research and development efforts are focused on improving battery chemistry, manufacturing processes, and recycling technologies. The industry is also exploring new battery technologies, such as solid-state and flow batteries, that offer advantages over traditional lithium-ion batteries. Overall, the battery technology industry is expected to continue to grow as energy storage demand increases, and new technologies and innovations are developed to address the industry's challenges.

The Benefits

Laser marking technology offers several benefits to the battery industry, including precise and accurate identification and tracking of battery components throughout the production process, efficient and high-speed marking on various materials, creation of unique identifiers to enhance traceability and anti-counterfeiting measures, and the ability to create microstructures on battery surfaces to improve electrical and thermal properties for better energy efficiency and longer lifespan. Overall, laser marking provides an essential tool for battery manufacturers to enhance quality control, performance, and sustainability in their products.

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