The demand for laser marking assets in the engineering sector has increased significantly and in some cases is a mandatory process for a range of industrial applications requiring the production of parts, from aerospace, medicine, automotive and the military.

For such industries, permanently and accurately marking assets with precise identification is essential for the regulation and tracking of these assets throughout their life cycle.


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Without question, identification and traceability are a crucial part of the manufacturing process within the engineering sector. Whether it be serial codes, matrix, part numbers, graphics or lot coding, our laser marking systems can offer significant gains over conventional rotary engraving or dot-peen systems and provide a permanent solution.

Laser engraving machines require no contact, are automated, utilise no consumables (therefore a lower overall cost), they are much more environmentally friendly. The ability to mark either serialised or variable data transmitted in real-time makes this the ideal choice for those in the engineering sector.


A metal engraving machine can also be used to make legible marks on common engineering tools such as callipers, wrenches, and drill bits. Some of these parts are incredibly small, making laser marking a particularly suitable technology for marking characters that are still legible at 1-point size. 

The automated, precision-focused process of a metal etching machine delivers superior repeatability and consistency, ensuring that engineering measuring tools have ticks and readings that are marked and positioned accurately. 


Metals that are etched using a laser engraver do not have to undergo any pre or post treatment. Coupled with the speed with which a laser etching machine works without the need for tool changes, a laser effectively completes the job faster and with less effort.

Being an almost fully automated piece of equipment, the laser engraving system delivers a consistent quality of results all the time. The resolution that laser marking can achieve is extremely small, allowing for the smallest shapes and text to be engraved accurately and legibly. Laser marking provides practically unlimited design opportunities. With the right materials, a metal engraving machine can even produce coloured laser markings.


  • All of our systems feature high powered MOPA Fiber Laser Engines as standard. This increased lifespan is market-leading, and also provides high peak power, fast processing times and application flexibility. 

  • Mark Text, Graphics, Barcodes, 2D, UID, Matrix, QR codes and more onto parts with industry-leading accuracy at high speeds.

  • Incredibly simple setup, programming and marking with great software and ergonomic design.

  • Choose from standalone desktop, handheld or integrated lasers systems. We'll even create custom solutions, as well as support production line implementation. 

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The types of metals that a laser engraver can be used on are as varied as its applications. A metal engraving machine can be used to make permanent marks on stainless steel, soft metals, hardened metals, alloys, titanium, titanium alloys, brass, copper, carbides, high-speed steels, aluminium, anodised aluminium, coated metals, and precious metals such as silver and gold. 

In contrast to more traditional methods of marking, a laser engraving machine does not require consumables such as inks, chemicals, or pastes. 


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N-Lase Workstation


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The 3-side door lifts open giving you wider access to mark larger parts and components. If you’re looking to mark stainless-steel tubes, exhaust pipes or other over-sized items – the U-shaped opening makes it incredibly simple to place the part within the machine and start marking.


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The N-Lase Desktop Pro Laser is the ideal tool for etching, marking or engraving a wide variety of applications, including metals, plastics, cardboard, wood and more.

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