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Needham Laser Technologies is a subsidiary of The Needham Group, founded by Roger Needham in 1962. From the beginning, TNG and its subsidiaries have been a part of the ever-developing coding and marking industry; identifying industry needs whilst simultaneously importing and developing exciting, practical and innovative products to suit. (Mr. Needham was one of the first to bring felt-tip pens over to the UK from America.)

Being a family company, we have a strong set of values by which we conduct our business and we firmly believe in establishing loyal, honest and long-term partnerships from supply chain right through the end user.

While we continue to grow and innovate with our partners both nationally and globally, Needham Laser Tech and the wider group are proud of our local roots here in Shropshire.

Needham Laser Technologies is the UK’s leading manufacturer of laser marking systems. With decades of experience in the development and manufacturing of coding and marking solutions, our team of engineers are committed to building innovative, cutting-edge systems that offer reliability, durability and affordability.

We continuously strive for innovation; listening and developing with industry needs and requirements. Our team of highly skilled engineers utilise decades of experience in laser marking to find solutions to many requests; whether straightforward and simple, to a highly complex problem. We aim to enable organisations worldwide to implement laser technology into their process and manufacturing methods for greater efficiency and consistency whilst simultaneously bringing down costs, clawing back time and increasing productivity.

We are proud to manufacture our lasers here in the UK and reach every corner of the globe with our distribution. From high precision engineering to high-street retailers for personalisation, lasers touch every industry.

Our latest development. The create. Range. (Launch 2023)

The development of the create. range has followed an innovative path specifically geared towards the retail sector. By listening to industry and retail experts, we've combined our findings with our in-house expertise and developed a range of retail-ready laser engravers to give commercial creatives the chance to offer next-level customer experience to their customers with our small, simple and stylish laser engravers.

The create. range provides a personalised retail experience for you and your customers; allowing for the customisation of products with their own images, text or designs. As a retailer, you can also make your own custom business branding; the creativity is endless and empowering.

Defined by our Core Values

Who we are

The four values and behaviours that define us and are at our core:

Relish Responsibility

Be Confident, Be Humble

Be Trustworthy, Be Compassionate

Always Do The Right Thing

These core values are fundamental behaviours that define us both as individuals and as a collective.

They are deeply ingrained in our character and serve to continuously direct our actions and the way we work.

We are really proud of our ethics and ethos here at The Needham Group.

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