Automotive Applications with N-Lase Desktop, Benchtop, Workstation

Automotive Laser Marking of parts and components


In the past decade, the automotive industry has undergone a period of growth and evolution, unlike anything it has experienced before. The battle was no longer played in terms of horsepower or acceleration. Instead, customers wanted cars that had better fuel efficiency, required less maintenance, and were smarter. There is one aspect, though, that has remained a constant area of improvement – safety. Tracking and traceability of parts is an essential aspect in the automotive manufacturing industry, and this is where the technology of automotive laser marking parts and automotive laser etching has played a critical role.


Stainless steel engraving and the automotive industry

There are various advantages to automotive laser etching that has made it the technology of choice for automotive manufacturers. It is a well-developed technology with various turnkey solutions which can be easily integrated into any production line. Laser marking system commonly comes bundled with its own software package which has been designed to be user-friendly and with a small learning curve.

The system can work with dynamic data to make progressive marks with minimal user intervention. Being almost entirely automated, laser marking systems are not labour-intensive and will free up technical operators to concentrate on the more involved steps of the manufacturing process. The low level of user intervention also means that laser marking technology is highly accurate, consistent, and reliable. Since laser marking systems have very few moving parts, its maintenance needs are also lower compared to other similar technologies.


N-Lase Engraving in the Automotive Industry

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