Jewellery engraving with N-Lase Desktop, Benchtop, Workstation

Jewellery Laser Engraving


The art of making jewellery is a craft that is as old as time. Although the manufacturing techniques and styles have changed and evolved throughout the different eras, the appeal of jewellery remained the same. The visual quality is borne of the rare and precious materials used in making each jewellery piece, as well as from the skill and expertise of the craftsmen behind them. Nowadays, it is no longer enough that jewellery items look good; they also must have a personalised flair to them. A jewellery laser engraving machine excels in precisely this department.



Hallmarks are a traditional element of jewellery, particularly those made with precious metals. These unique identifying marks are considered stamped signatures of famous jewellery makers. Aside from hallmarks, some pieces of jewellery also include a purity stamp, which states the ‘fineness’ or purity of the metal used for the particular jewelry. Nowadays, hallmarks and purity stamps are commonly only used by big-name and high-end jewellery manufacturers. Still, there is no reason that artisan-level jewellery makers cannot put their own hallmarks on their products. A jewellery maker can also choose to put marks on their finished pieces for copyright or serialisation purposes.

The traditional method of adding hallmarks to a piece of jewellery involved ‘striking’ them with punches that bore the signature of the jewelry maker. This made a permanent indentation on the jewellery, but the tremendous force needed to strike this indentation can also cause deformation or damage of the piece of jewellery being marked. However, the laser engraving process solves all these problems, as it provides an engraving solution that makes permanent and legible marks with no chance of causing secondary damage to the jewellery.

Engraved Ring Example

Using N-Lase with Jewellery

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