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Copper is one of the few metals that is directly usable in its natural form, or without being combined into alloys. It is characterised by having a very high thermal and electrical conductivity, making it a valuable material in electrical wiring, printed circuit boards, thermocouples, heat exchangers, electromagnets, and electric motors. A fiber can be used to mark any part of the copper with engraving detail that lasts for years as well as having a low power requirement, meaning that it is more energy-efficient than other laser marking systems. As it uses a pulse of light, the heat only affects the copper it is directed at and nothing else, giving it a high level of accuracy.

Copper in Industrial Applications

Laser engraving copper is particularly challenging because of the high reflectivity of the material. In fact, a solid surface made of pure copper will reflect more than 95% of incident near-IR radiation. As with stainless steel, a fiber laser is generally preferred over a CO2 laser when laser engraving copper or to produce laser cut copper. A fiber laser has a wavelength of around 1.07 µm, around 10x smaller than the wavelength of a CO2 laser. Not only will a fiber laser be reflected less than a CO2 laser, but the smaller wavelength allows for a greater power density which makes it easier to penetrate the copper surface.

Copper has excellent workability and lends itself well to processes such as brazing, welding, and soldering. Where increased hardness is desired, copper has been blended with other metals to form alloys such as brass, bronze, and sterling silver, all of which are commonly used to create jewellery.

A particularly useful characteristic of copper is its antimicrobial property. Copper and copper-alloy surfaces have the natural property of destroying microorganisms, making copper an excellent material for doorknobs, handrails, computer keyboards, faucets, and health club equipment. Being a biostatic material, many other forms of life cannot grow on a copper surface.

Industrial Laser Marking Machine

Designed, developed and manufactured here in the UK. Our N-Lase products define our range of Industrial ID lasers which are perfect for assisting with coding, marking and trackability requirements. Get in touch today to find out how our lasers can help bring continuous improvement to your production and manufacturing environments.

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The Benefits

The laser engraving process can create intricate details and shapes that would be difficult to achieve with traditional engraving methods. Laser engraving copper is also a cost-effective way to create unique and personalized items. It is a permanent process that won't fade or wear away over time. Laser engraving copper is also environmentally friendly, as it does not require the use of any chemicals or solvents. It is also a safe process that does not produce any hazardous fumes or waste.

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The Needham Group and its subsidiaries have been a part of the ever-developing coding and marking industry since 1962; identifying industry needs whilst simultaneously importing and developing exciting, practical and innovative products to suit.


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We are proud to wear the Made in Britain badge, where all of our lasers are manufactured at our HQ in Shropshire. Combining over 60 years of company heritage with exquisite design and Great British engineering, we take great pride in our heritage and our commitment to producing quality products that represent the very best of British craftsmanship. Our loyal customers can be assured that when they choose us, they are investing in a product made with the utmost care and attention to detail.

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