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Retail Ready Laser Machine

Instant next-level personalization is made possible in your store with the create. laser. Bring the laser engraving theatre to your clients' attention so they can watch, experience, and enjoy the marking of their gifts in real time.

Our 2 year warranty and 20W MOPA Fiber laser is just the small part of the package. Book a demonstration and see what our Create. Laser can do to benefit you and your business.

Our lasers have a small considered footprint as we know shop floor space is precious. As well as a stylish, modern and non-intrusive design, yet delivering maximum impact with the theatre it brings in-store.

Our software and interface is simple and easy-to-use, bringing your designs to life quickly and easily. And because there are no consumables and low power consumptions too, there is minimal impact on the environment while you benefit from adding value to your products.

Safety is paramount. Here at Needham Laser Tech, we adhere to the strict regulatory requirements of UK laser safety. We also have our UK-based support network on-hand should you need.

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