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Medals and trophies are given to celebrate momentous events and achievements, whether that’s coming in first at a sports competition or bagging the highest number of sales in a company. As a token to highlight the significance of these occasions, awards and trophies have to be fabricated with the highest level of quality in mind.  While trophy engraving and medal engraving have been time-honoured traditions since the concept of competitions was invented, the process has improved by leaps and bounds in recent years due to the development of laser trophy engraving machine.

What can laser engraving technology do for awards and trophies?


Before laser engraving technology, the most popular way of making an engraved trophy or medal involved a CNC engraving machine. This method used a cutting tool which rotated via a motorised spindle that milled away the original material to produce customised designs. Laser engraving improved on this technology in several ways by providing a faster and more accurate method to produce higher quality results with more consistency.

The possibilities for trophy engraving and medal engraving using lasers are practically limitless. Virtually any logo, text, or image can be etched on a variety of materials using laser engraving technology.

Laser etching allows for designs with a high level of detail, even to the point of creating photo-realistic designs. Text on medals and awards, such as the details of the event or the achievement, can look clean and legible even if they are engraved at a tiny size.

What are the benefits of using lasers for trophy engraving and medal engraving?


Laser engraving technology allows for the execution of highly customised designs in an easy and user-friendly manner. The technology is advanced enough to provide an out-of-the-box solution that does not require a high level of technical knowledge. The software bundled with these technologies makes it very easy for users to operate the equipment and print custom designs – almost as easy as printing on paper.

The resolution of the designs that laser engraving is capable of is much higher than traditional methods, such as hand engraving or CNC milling. Where the level of detail of designs that CNC mills can make is limited by the size of the tip of the rotating tool, laser engraving is only limited by the size of the diameter of the high-energy laser which is usually in the range of tens of microns.

A laser engraving machine does away with the high degree of operator intervention needed when changing designs. There is no need to change a tool, reorient the engraving platform, or to reposition the object being engraved. This allows laser engraving to finish jobs faster, leading to a higher turnover rate for an engraving business.

Fiber laser trophy engraving machine, which can be largely automated, produce results of consistent quality.  The process is highly repeatable and reliable.

A major cost-driving factor of CNC milling is the wear and tear that the milling cutters go through, creating the need to replace them regularly. This is not an issue with laser engraving. Being a non-contact process with minimal moving parts, the parts do not suffer as much wear and tear. The objects being engraved also does not need to endure the stress of being milled or being clamped down, reducing the chances of secondary damage or deformation. The reduced need for parts replacement as well as the reduction of rejects due to secondary damage means that laser engraving will be the more cost-effective option in the long run.

Laser engraving can work with many types of materials without the need for time-consuming adjustment of parts or tools. Most of the materials used for trophy and medal engraving – metal, brass, plastic, wood, acrylic, marble, and leather – can be achieved using a laser etching process. There may be a need to make adjustments to the lens or the focus settings of the laser engraving machine when changing over from one material to the other, but this is a step that takes no more than a few minutes.



For as long as there are achievements to celebrate, the market for customised trophy engraving and medal engraving will always be there. Laser engraving technology provides an opportunity to serve the demands of this market in a faster, more efficient, and more cost-effective manner.

If your goal is to provide an engraved trophy or medal with a highly customised design at the best price possible, then laser etching technology offers the best solution. The higher quality of products made using laser engraving and the faster turnaround period is sure to help your engraving business stand out from the rest.

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