N-LASE Desktop Pro

The N-Lase Desktop Pro is the ideal tool for etching, marking or engraving a wide variety of applications, including metals, plastics, cardboard, wood and more. Featuring a robust enclosure with 3-sided access, 10″ touchscreen, auto door opening, computer controlled focal height, rotary-ready setup and a powerful MOPA fiber laser as standard; the Desktop Pro can swiftly meet most engraving challenges. From marking part number in a factory to personalising rings in a jewellery shop, the Desktop Pro is used in dozens of industries for a limitless amount of uses.

Standard Features:
Auto Door
Door Access
MOPA Fiber Laser
Rotary Ready
Focal Height
Auto Controlled
10″ Touchscreen


Best of British

We feel great pride to be a British manufacturer that delivers premium quality products to customers worldwide. Since 1962, we have placed great importance on supporting British industry and ensuring that the engineering and manufacturing skill sets are nurtured in our country. It is our long-term vision to source as many parts and components for our products within a 20-mile radius from our manufacturing facility in Whitchurch, Shropshire.


Premium Components

Outstanding Reliability and Durability

It is of the utmost importance to us that each of our customers receives the best quality product available on the market. As a result, we ensure only to use premium parts and components for our machines. You will, therefore, be reassured to know that with a first-class laser source and MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure) beyond 40,000 hours; the Desktop Pro is built to last.

Class 1

Intelligent Modular Design

Growing with your business

The Desktop Pro has been designed as a modular system. When your business grows, so can your laser machine. The power source, lens, enclosure and optional upgrades can be changed or added as and when required. Additionally, after decades of experience in the coding and marking industry, we know that our customers use our laser systems for items that come in a variety of shapes and sizes. We, therefore, embarked on designing a machine that incorporates 3-sided panel access, which allows our users to mark larger-sized products, parts and components easily.  

MOPA Fiber Lasers

Applications and Industries

Outstanding reliability and durability

Fiber lasers have been adopted into dozens of industries over the past decade. The flexibility, power and speed of laser machines have allowed numerous businesses worldwide to ditch old manufacturing techniques and embrace lasers, thereby increasing productivity and reducing production costs.


Standard Technical Details

System Dimensions600mm (L) x 600mm (W) x 900mm (H)
System Weight43 kg
Standard Marking Field160 (100mm x 100mm)
Upgradable Marking Lens254 (165mm x 165mm)
Laser TypeYtterbium Fiber
Central Wavelength1060 – 1080nm
Nominal Output Power20-50W
Pulse Frequency Range1 – 400 kHz, CW – 1000kHz
Maximum Pulse Energy0.8mJ / 1mJ Models
Pulse DurationCW or Pulsed, 3 to 500ns
Operation Temperature0 – 40 °C
Storage Temperature-10 – 60 °C
Cooling MethodAir Cooled
Power Consumption (20°C)≤ 200 W
PCLaptop/Desktop PC Required
PC ConnectionUSB
Available PortsDiagnostic
Warranty36 Month Comprehensive
Optional AccessoriesFume extraction, rotary device, foot switch, class 4 override, through the lens viewing

Working Area Parameters

Lens – focal length mmMax marking area mmWorking Distance mmApproximate Spot size µm
10060 x 6010630
160100 x 10018460
254160 x 16032390

System Dimensions