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7 min read

Choosing the Right Laser Marking or Engraving Machine

With so many different types of laser, each offering different benefits, choosing the right one for your marking and or...

4 min read

The differences between laser types and their benefits

To the outsider looking in, laser technologies can be confusing: from the different techniques to modify a material —...

3 min read

Using fiber lasers to clean and modify surfaces

While many of our customers are investing in laser systems as a solution to their engraving/marking needs, some are...

6 min read

Laser Technology in the Medical Industry

As a technology that offers a high degree of flexibility, sustainability, productivity and precision, the laser has...

3 min read

4 reasons why lasers are great for the environment

Now more than ever, the impact of human activity on the environment around us is a great concern for organisations and...

3 min read

Marketing your business with a laser engraving machine

While standard practice is to send a logo-bearing pen or notepad, brands are now becoming even more creative,...