N-RT 80


Designed for the medium/heavy duty radial laser marking operations the N-RT 80 is exceptionally robust and can be used with our N-Lase Benchtop & Workstation systems. 

Perfect for rings, bracelets, pipe, many metals and non-metals, the laser marking rotary features tilt and a higher load capacity than it’s smaller counterpart the N-RT 65.


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Technical Details

Compatibility and Specification


Name N-RT 80
Compatibility N-Lase Benchtop, N-Lase Workstation
Chuck Type 3 Jaw Chuck (Self-Centering)
Chuck Size (diameter) 80mm
Min. Diameter 2mm
Internal jaw clamping range 2-22mm
Internal jaw jamming range 25-70mm
External jaw clamping range 22-63mm
Max input torque 40Nm
Gear box 08:01

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