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Fiber lasers are becoming an increasingly popular choice for engraving rubber. The laser produces a focused and powerful beam of light that quickly and accurately cuts through the rubber, creating clean and precise lines in intricate designs. The use of a fiber laser also produces low heat and produces very little waste, making it an ideal technology for engraving rubber. Additionally, the fact that fiber lasers do not require the use of heavy machinery or tools makes them a popular choice for engraving rubber.

Rubber in Industrial Applications

Laser technologies have many applications in the rubber industry, including cutting, engraving, welding, and marking. Laser cutting is a precise and efficient method for creating intricate shapes and designs in rubber materials, such as gaskets and seals. Laser cutting allows for clean and accurate cuts, reducing waste and improving production efficiency. Laser cutting is also useful in the production of custom rubber parts and components, as it allows for the creation of unique shapes and sizes that cannot be achieved with traditional cutting methods.

Laser engraving is another application of laser technologies in the rubber industry. Laser engraving is a process that uses a laser beam to etch text, logos, and other markings onto the surface of rubber materials. This method produces a permanent and durable result, making it ideal for applications such as product branding and identification. Laser engraving is also useful for creating decorative designs on rubber products, such as phone cases and other accessories.

Laser welding is a third application of laser technologies in the rubber industry. Laser welding is a process that uses a laser beam to melt and join two pieces of rubber together. This method produces strong and reliable bonds that are resistant to wear and tear. Laser welding is useful for applications such as the manufacture of automotive components and medical devices, where a secure and durable seal is essential. Overall, laser technologies offer a versatile and efficient solution for many rubber-related applications.

Industrial Laser Marking Machine

Designed, developed and manufactured here in the UK. Our N-Lase products define our range of Industrial ID lasers which are perfect for assisting with coding, marking and trackability requirements. Get in touch today to find out how our lasers can help bring continuous improvement to your production and manufacturing environments.

Personalisation Lasers

Designed, developed and manufactured here in the UK. Our create. products define our range of personalisation lasers which are perfect for bringing next-level customer experience to retailers.

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The Benefits

Using fiber lasers for rubber applications has several benefits. Fiber lasers are known for their precision and accuracy, making them ideal for creating intricate designs and shapes in rubber materials. They also offer a high level of control, allowing for precise adjustments to the laser beam for different applications. Fiber lasers also offer a faster cutting speed and improved efficiency compared to traditional cutting methods, reducing production time and costs. In addition, fiber lasers produce less waste and have a lower environmental impact compared to traditional cutting methods. The use of fiber lasers in the rubber industry has revolutionised many processes, including cutting, engraving, welding, and marking, providing a versatile and efficient solution for many rubber-related applications.

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The Needham Group and its subsidiaries have been a part of the ever-developing coding and marking industry since 1962; identifying industry needs whilst simultaneously importing and developing exciting, practical and innovative products to suit.


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We are proud to wear the Made in Britain badge, where all of our lasers are manufactured at our HQ in Shropshire. Combining over 60 years of company heritage with exquisite design and Great British engineering, we take great pride in our heritage and our commitment to producing quality products that represent the very best of British craftsmanship. Our loyal customers can be assured that when they choose us, they are investing in a product made with the utmost care and attention to detail.

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