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Laser engraving is an entirely non-contact process. You will not even need to affix the object to the production platform, saving on precious time during the manufacturing process. Since the material undergoes no stress, there is little chance of secondary warping or damage. No physical cutting or engraving parts also mean a reduced requirement for regular parts replacement due to wear and tear. 

Wood in Retail Applications

Laser engravers are so accurate that they can even mark paper-thin, delicate wood sheets with accuracy and precision. Laser engraving wood with a CO2 laser takes advantage of the extremely high energy carried by the laser, which is essentially a concentrated beam of light. The energy from the laser heats the wood material rapidly, resulting in its almost instant vaporisation. 

Since the energy of the laser is confined within its beam, the material surrounding the target areas remain unaffected and will show no visible scorches or burn marks. The ability of a wood engraving machine to handle complex contours have allowed designers to make wooden parts with highly complex geometries. The processes of laser engraving and laser cutting are highly customisable. The laser settings can be calibrated to produce engravings of different depths and contrasts. Similarly, the intensity of the laser can be reduced when working with a softwood like pine and balsa, with the higher intensity settings reserved for hardwoods like birch or walnut. 

Laser cutting and engraving have made the production of furniture, inlays, and other interior decoration items much easier and faster. 

Industrial Laser Marking

Designed, developed and manufactured here in the UK. Our N-Lase products define our range of Industrial ID lasers which are perfect for assisting with coding, marking and trackability requirements. Get in touch today to find out how our lasers can help bring continuous improvement to your production and manufacturing environments.

Personalisation Lasers

Designed, developed and manufactured here in the UK. Our create. products define our range of personalisation lasers which are perfect for bringing next-level customer experience to retailers.

Personalise it. Brand it. Create it.

The Benefits

Laser engraving wood is a great way to add a personal touch to any project. Laser engraving can create intricate designs and patterns that would be difficult or impossible to achieve with other methods. It also offers the advantage of being able to create precise and detailed images, logos, and text with very little effort. Laser engraving is also more cost-effective than traditional methods such as hand carving or painting. Additionally, laser engraving is fast and efficient, allowing you to quickly produce multiple pieces of work without sacrificing quality. Finally, laser engraving wood is an environmentally friendly process since it does not require any harsh chemicals or solvents that could harm the environment.

60+ years in industry

Heritage & market-leading knowledge

The Needham Group and its subsidiaries have been a part of the ever-developing coding and marking industry since 1962; identifying industry needs whilst simultaneously importing and developing exciting, practical and innovative products to suit.


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Every day we share our passion and excitement for British manufacturing and innovation in laser technologies with each of our partners; from supplier and supply chain right through to end-user.

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We design, develop and manufacture our lasers at our HQ in Shropshire; allowing for lean manufacturing, better efficiencies and speedy response times in our manufacturing, ultimately getting your products to you in weeks rather than months.

Made in Britain & Safety Regulations

We are proud to wear the Made in Britain badge, where all of our lasers are manufactured at our HQ in Shropshire. Combining over 60 years of company heritage with exquisite design and Great British engineering, we take great pride in our heritage and our commitment to producing quality products that represent the very best of British craftsmanship. Our loyal customers can be assured that when they choose us, they are investing in a product made with the utmost care and attention to detail.

The UK has the world's most rigorous regulatory requirements for laser safety.
We are proud to align our UK design and manufacturing with said regulations.
We are also certified members of AILU. -

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