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As a UK manufacturer of laser engravers, we are often approached by different industries with unique and interesting requests for marking or engraving products. In recent years, one industry in particular has been the retail sector, with the word 'personalisation' as a key necessity to assist with offering next-level customer experience. Whether you're a bricks and mortar store, a digital native or a company that provides goods and services behind the scenes; we have witnessed a real surge in personalisation through these recent years.

Of course our laser engravers are technically capable of offering an engraving service but the 'package' needs to be so much more suitable for retailers to truly maximise on a unique, innovative and exciting experience for their customers, ultimately raising the bar for something unique, accessible and affordable for personalisation. That said, the create. range is more than just laser technology.

More than just laser technology

Discover below the key elements that helped us define the range

Our lasers have a small considered footprint as we know shop floor space is precious. As well as a stylish, modern and non-intrusive design, yet delivering maximum impact with the theatre it brings in-store.

Our software and interface is simple and easy-to-use, bringing your designs to life quickly and easily. And because there are no consumables and low power consumptions too, there is minimal impact on the environment while you benefit from adding value to your products.

Safety is paramount. Here at Needham Laser Tech, we adhere to the strict regulatory requirements of UK laser safety. We also have our UK-based support network on-hand should you need.

The create. package

What's included?

Let's take a look at all of the key features which we have identified in bringing together the perfect laser engraving package for retailers.

This info will help you to begin planning your journey into showcasing next-level customer experience in-store to your customers with laser engraving technology for personalisation.

20W MOPA Fiber laser

100mm x 100mm engraving area

Rotary Device

Positioning Camera

Tablet PC with Lightburn™ software


3 hours Virtual Training

2 Year Warranty

The create. package is from just £9,995 + vat

(Price will be subject to change based on the laser source required.)

Which source is best for me? Fiber or UV? (20W)

The laser source is effectively the engine inside your laser and will be powering and projecting all of your creations. The laser source of choice, is determined by your application. So it's time to think about the materials and surfaces you would like to engrave. You can find out more about materials in the specific materials by clicking on materials.

What can a fiber laser engrave?

Metals; Gold, Silver, Copper, Titanium, Platinum, Steel, Aluminium, and more. (Metals are its best friend.)

Various plastics.

Can a fiber laser cut?

Yes - approx. 1.3mm thickness.

What can a UV laser engrave?

Almost everything. (Great for glass and other translucent materials.)

Can a UV laser cut?

Limited cutting capabilities.

Please speak to our team of experts for further advice on what works best for your requirements.

Rotary Device

A rotary device is the perfect accessory to assist with marking curved surfaces such as rings and bracelets; not just the outside circumference, but inside too. The rotary holds the part into position within its claws and then rotates the part underneath the laser beam to mark it in a consistent motion to ensure the desired mark is achieved. The maximum diameter for the rotary device is 65mm.

 The bed of the create. is also a tooling plate that the rotary is fixed onto. Therefore, if you need room for a bigger part inside your laser, the rotary can simply and easily be removed to accommodate this and make more space.

Tablet PC with Lightburn Software

A tablet PC is also included within the package. It arrives preloaded with Lightburnsoftware which is great for layout refinement and editing your artwork before it is marked onto your product. Lightburnallows you to easily import your artwork in many common vector and image formats, such as AI, PDF, SVG, DXF, PLT, PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP. You can easily arrange, edit and create new vectors within the editor too.

The software is super versatile where you can apply settings changes to power, speed, number of passes, cut order, brightness and contrast and more which allows you to get super creative, designing and developing your own personalised finishes, making them unique to you.

Simply send your creations directly to your laser and watch it go!

If you can think it, you can create it.


As well as your create. laser, your package also includes a small, compact extractor which takes away any fumes when laser engraving using HEPA filters.

For those using precious metals, the extraction company offer a service for the filtration of gold, silver, platinum etc.

We recommend that the neat little extractor sit underneath the bench of your create. laser.

Positioning Camera

The positioning camera allows for clever accuracy when aligning and setting up your products for marking. The camera sits overhead and allows you to see a real-time visual of your product and what you're going to mark; making for efficient set-up and positioning whilst simultaneously giving reassurance on high precision accuracy too.

Tech Spec

The 'need-to-know' details

System Dimensions
460mm (W) x 502mm (D) x 550mm (H)
System Weight
Marking Lens
Marking Area
100mm x 100mm
Focal Length
Max Part Height
Dimensions of BOFA V250 Extractor
260mm (W) x 260mm (D) x 368mm (H)
24 Months Comprehensive

Marking Area

Lens Size (mm) Max Marking Area (mm) Approx Spot Size (um) Focal Length (mm) Max Part Height (mm)
163 100 x 100 39 190 100

Industries benefitting from Laser Technology


Keeping a brand at the forefront of the cosmetics industry requires constant innovation in new products and packaging designs. This creates challenges for manufacturers and retailers regarding the safest and most sustainable way to implement these innovations. Using laser marking technology a permanent and personalised mark can be safely applied to the primary or secondary packaging making each and every product unique for the end user.


Laser marking has become increasingly popular in the gifts industry due to its ability to permanently mark items with high precision and accuracy. Laser marking offers numerous advantages over traditional methods of marking, such as the ability to create intricate designs and text, as well as the ability to mark items of any size or shape. Laser marking is also a faster and cost-effective method of permanent marking, which makes it ideal for businesses in the gifts industry that are looking to reduce costs and increase production efficiency.


Laser engraving homeware allows for precise and intricate designs to be etched onto various materials, creating unique and personalized items that reflect the individual's style and taste. From shower taps to light fittings, laser engraving technology offers permanent and long-lasting personalisation that is both an attractive and appealing addition to any home


Laser engraving technology has been a game-changer in the jewellery industry. They are used to create intricate designs, patterns, and texts revolutionising the jewellery industry by offering unparalleled precision and accuracy. Laser engraving machines can engrave intricate designs in a matter of minutes, making them an efficient alternative to traditional hand engraving. This technology has also allowed jewellery designers to experiment with new designs and styles that were not previously possible. Our lasers are extremely versatile and can be used for a wide range of tasks, from creating custom jewellery pieces to marking serial numbers or logos on jewellery items.


Laser marking is a fast and cost-effective method of permanently marking products with logos, personalisations, barcodes or other information. It is precise and leaves a clean, professional finish that won't fade or wear off over time. This permanent marking can help retailers add value to products by personalising them with unique designs for their customers in seconds, creating a more personalised shopping experience. Laser marking is also non-contact, safe and sustainable so it won't damage any products or leave any chemicals behind.


Laser engraving technology has become increasingly popular in the personalisation of sporting goods. It is a precise and efficient method of etching designs, logos, and text onto a variety of materials. Laser engraving allows manufacturers and retails to apply their logo or customer personalisations in places and ways they may have not been able to previously. This allows for intricate details and customisation options that traditional engraving methods cannot achieve.

Proud to be in partnership with...

ChloBo have being using our fiber laser engravers on their delicate own branded jewellery for over 3 years, and are still amazed by the speed and precision at which the lasers operate to achieve a high quality and personal product for their customers.

"When we introduced our Needham laser engraver to our finishing room back in 2020; it has given us so much versatility in our design process as well as our personalisation offering. We are leaner from a supply chain perspective, slicker as the laser process is so fast, and more creative and inventive as we use our laser engraver for much more than personalisation. Bringing engraving in-house has opened so many opportunities for us as well as elevate our product offering. And as an added bonus, Needham Laser Tech are an absolute pleasure to work with, they’re always super helpful should we ever need them."

Andi Lee - Managing Director, ChloBo

Retail-Ready Laser Engravers

Meet the create. range

for your shop floor

The create. laser allows for instant next-level personalisation in your store. Bring the theatre of laser engraving for your customers to see, experience and revel in as they witness their gifts being marked right in front of their eyes. Instant personalisation to take home immediately.

The create. is not only a simple and neat package perfect for small shopfloor spaces, it also houses a bundle of excellent features; including a rotary for engraving curved surfaces such as rings, and also a positioning camera so you can see EXACTLY where the mark will hit your part. The software is super easy to use and understand, and should you need it, we have an all-UK support network on hand.

And because there are no consumables with your create., there’s no additional footprint when using your laser engraver. The energy consumption is super minimal too.

All of our lasers are manufactured here in the UK, and we are proud to align our UK design and manufacturing with the UK’s rigorous regulatory laser safety requirements.

for your workshop

The create pro. is effectively the big sister to the create. providing more power with a 50W over the 20W. This allows for faster and more experimental applications; perfect for workshop and production environments, especially for those higher volume requirements.

The create pro. houses a bundle of excellent features; including a rotary for engraving curved surfaces such as rings, and also a positioning camera so you can see EXACTLY where the mark will hit your part. The software is super easy to use and understand, and should you need it, we have an all-UK support network on hand.

And because there are no consumables with your create pro., there’s no additional footprint when using your laser engraver. The energy consumption is super minimal too.

All of our lasers are manufactured here in the UK, and we are proud to align our UK design and manufacturing with the UK’s rigorous regulatory laser safety requirements.

for everything

Experience high-powered performance with the UV laser, delivering exceptional power for precise engraving on a variety of materials, including glass, wood, plastic, leather, and more. Our UV laser engraving technology takes precision to the next level, allowing you to capture intricate patterns, fine lines, and small text with ease.

Our UV laser is designed with user convenience in mind. The intuitive interface and easy setup allow both beginners and professionals to achieve outstanding results. Safety is paramount, and our engraver comes with features like protective eyewear and beam containment, ensuring a secure environment for both the user and the surroundings.

Upgrade your craftsmanship and take your projects to new heights. Whether you're creating personalised gifts, adding intricate details to your products, or exploring industrial applications, our UV laser is the tool you can trust for precision and power.

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